My Books

I am writing a few books and here you will be able to see teasers for them. Please comment about what you thought! (I can take constructive criticism).

Book One: Dragons

It all started when David was sitting at the table, eating his mushroom stew for dinner. He lived in a small wooden cabin beside a forest. There were only a few other houses in the village that he lived in. While he was eating his dinner his golden retriever, bark, came up to the dresser and grabbed the large rubber chew toy off the bottom shelf. Then he walked over to David, wanting him to play fetch. So David finished his dinner and put on his shoes. He grabbed the chew toy from bark and walked out the door. When David saw the forest in front of him, he started walking towards it with bark following closely behind.

The lush green forest in front of him was very dense and filled with wildlife of every kind. He often went out there to work on his tree house, play fetch with Bark, or to collect mushrooms in a basket to bring home for making soup. Once he stepped into the forest, he turned around. “Come on Bark!” He called to his dog, who was now trailing behind. Bark ran up to him wanting to catch the toy and wagging his tail. David threw the toy and bark retrieved it. After a while of doing this, bark stopped getting the toy and started whimpering. “What’s wrong boy?” David said to him. He noticed the dog look up, growl, and run away.

“What is it?” He said to him self, glancing up. Right behind him was a creature standing 10 feet high, it had a pair of wings, and 10 sharp claws. “It…it’s a dragon” David ran as fast as he could towards the house. He was almost at the house when he tripped on a rock. He fell onto a patch of grassy mud. He had no time to look back so he stood up and staggered into the house and slammed the door. He stood by the door, stunned and breathing heavily.

Soon, he looked out of the window and was surprised by what he saw. The dragon was just standing and the grassy field, but he didn’t look fierce. In fact, he looked very friendly. It looked at him, and returned to wandering aimlessly. David opened the door and it creaked softly. The dragon turned its huge, scaled head towards him. David cautiously strolled towards him. When he drew nearer to it, the dragon bent down. He was even bigger than David first pictured. David put his hand onto the dragons head. The dragon made a happy, deep purr. “C.. C… Can I ride you?” David stuttered to the dragon. The dragon nodded his head and David climbed onto his back. The dragon started flapping his wings. “I’m going to call you… Fireclaw.” David exclaimed. And the dragon seemed to rejoice with his new name. The dragon flew higher and higher into the sky, with David on his back. He could see the whole village, the forest, and his dog, who was looking up at him, barking.